Catechetical Credit Registration

Fall Registration

AI catechetical institute students will register directly with Aquinas Institute. Such students will not be part of the University of Holy Cross admissions process and records, but will be followed through the AI system. They can register by completing a Catechetical Institute Form and sending it along with the tuition to Aquinas Institute.
Registration begins in July for college credit students and can be done on-line through their website. Registration for catechetical institute begins in July as well, but registration and payment is done directly through Aquinas Institute.

Catechetical Institute Credit through Aquinas Institute
AI catechetical students will register directly with Aquinas Institute and the tuition ($200 per course) is paid directly to the Aquinas Institute. If a student wishes the course to count toward a Catechetical Institute Diploma, the student must have at least a 90% attendance (greater than this requires excuse from professor) and must successfully pass a 10 min. oral exam at end of course. If a Catechetical Institute student desires college course credit at a later date, he/she must re-register for the course and pay the full tuition price.

For information on how to register, call (337) 394-6550.

The steps to register for one who desires to take the course for catechetical credit (or simply "audit" status) is as follows:

1. Mail or email your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and date of birth to or to Aquinas Institute, 103 Railroad Avenue, St. Martinville, LA 70582 and indicate which course(s) you desire to register for. The cost is $200 per course, check payable to Aquinas Institute and sent to the above address.